Image of zzzzzzzan // © AhavaEchad 5777 BH

zzzzzzzan // © AhavaEchad 5777 BH

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2 stickers

4.6inch long x 2.4 inches wide sticker/bookmark


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based off of the sketch of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan ZTVKL in sefer habahir, of how the universe was created.

tzimzum, and the ray of light extending down into the darkness. sourounded by the Infinite Light BH

this is understood from the sperm and egg.

the meaning of "HaShem Zan et HaOlam kulo betuvo"

hashem sustainzzzzzzzz the universe everysecond, just like electricity sustainzzzzzzzz the virtual world every second, as long as the electricity is flowing through the system the video game exists, so too this whole universe exists by HaShem yitbarach willing it to exist everymoment (NeFeSH HaChaim zyaa)

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